Lacobel, Matelux & Matelac
  • 10kg 4mm
  • 15kg 6mm 
Maximum panel size
  • Lacobel and Matelac: 2500mm x 3210mm 
  • Matelux Non-Toughened: 2400mm x 3210mm 
  • Matelux Toughened: 1730mm x 3150mm 
Minimum panel size
  • Lacobel, Matelux and Matelac (polished) :50mm x 50mm 
  • Matelux (Polished and Toughened):100mm x 220mm
  • Smaller hand polished sizes are available for infills
Available thicknesses
  • Lacobel: 6mm - range of 12 standard colours
  • Mateleux: 4mm -12mm float
  • Matelux Clearvision: 6mm
  • Matelac: 6mm
Cut to shape Yes, subject to manufacturing tolerances
Holes & cut outs Yes, subject to manufacturing tolerances
Warranty 5 years subject to terms and conditions
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ColourX is Gx Glass's own own range of backpainted glass that can also be toughened.
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Lacobel, Matelux & Matelac


Gx Glass stock Lacobel®, AGC Glass Europe’s range of painted glass for interiors, which can be used for furnishings (e.g. sliding or fixed doors, tables, shelving, display cases), as an indoor wall covering for commercial applications (e.g. in offices, restaurants, shops) or residential spaces (e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms).

Lacobel is an alternative to Gx Glass’ ColourX product where a non-toughened solution is required with a shorter lead time (as Lacobel cannot be toughened).  The exact colour of Lacobel may vary depending on the thickness of the glass an some of the colours shown in the photographs may look different in real life. AGC Glass Europe suggests that you look at samples of Lacobel when selecting a colour.

*Please note we only stock certain colours, so please contact us for our current stock list

Matelux Acid Etched Glass

We are also a stockist of Matelux® by AGC Glass Europe, a translucent satin feel acid etched glass.  Matelux is a versatile product that can be toughened, laminated and assembled into double glazed units.

An acid-frosting technique is used to gently obscure the surface of the glass. Treating the surface in this way guarantees translucent glass noted for its fine grain and makes it the perfect choice for shower screens and door panels where a level of privacy is required - Matelux has the same light transmission as float glass, attaining levels of up to 90%, depending on its thickness.

Highly stain-resistant, Matelux can be cleaned using clear water only without any special detergent.

GX Glass stock from 4mm to 12mm in the float version and 6mm in the clear vision version.

Please note that if this product is specified for use as a back painted cladding panel in a kitchen or bathroom then we recommend Clearshield is applied.

Download Matelux brochure

Matelac Satin Painted Glass

Matelac® by AGC Glass Europe, is combination of Matelux and Lacobel - with one side painted and one acid-etched.

With the exception of Matelac Silver , the Matelac range is created by combining two industrial glass processing techniques: acid-etching which can be found in the Matelux range of satin finish glasses and the painting technique used to make Lacobel glass. Please note that Matelac cannot be toughened. 

Matelac provides a matt satin finish in a range of colours and its contemporary look and feel is very tactile.

Matelac mirrored versions are available in Silver, Bronze and Grey  - primarily used for wall cladding, the acid finished mirror gives an unusual modern decorative look, as the reflective qualities of the mirror are diffused by the etching.

Please note that if this product is specified for use as a back painted cladding panel in a kitchen or bathroom then we recommend Clearshield is applied.

Download Matelac brochure

Ritec ClearShield®

For sandblasted and acid etched glass Gx Glass can apply ClearShield protective coating which resists finger-marks and staining and also maintains the intended beautiful appearance of decorative glass. In addition, sandblasted glass resembles the more desirable satin look of acid-etched glass.


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